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Yatai Group successfully passed Year 2023 annual factory inspection of product energy conservation certification

Views:221  Date:2024-01-22

Recently, a four-people expert team headed by Peng Rentang from the Qingdao subdivision of China Quality Certification Center conducted the Year 2023 factory inspection on products which have passed through the energy conservation certification such as unit type air conditioning unit, water source heat pump unit, water cooled cold water unit, low ambient temperature air source heat pump (cold water) unit. 
During the inspection process, the expert team strictly inspected the use and management of the company's certification mark, responsibility management, product design/development, controlled parts/materials procurement, production process control, inspection and testing, internal quality review, the consistency of the certified products, product packaging, transportation and storage, and did a random check and on-site samples sealing.
After a 2-day inspection, with the active cooperation of all relevant departments, Yatai Group successfully passed the annual factory inspection of energy conservation certification. The expert group unanimously agreed that our company complies with relevant national laws and regulations, administrative normative documents, standards and the "Resource-Saving Product Certification Requirements of Factory Quality Assurance Ability” and the corresponding product energy-saving certification rules, and highly appraised the company's sustainable and healthy development and daily production and management.
At the last meeting, the leaders of the Group thanked the experts for their help and guidance, and asked the Group to earnestly implement the recommendations made by the expert team, strengthen the quality control and product research and development of energy-saving products, and provide a strong guarantee for continuously improving the overall management level and product quality of the company and achieving a more comprehensive scientific management.


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