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Yatai Group Successfully Passed CRAA Certification

Views:1715  Date:2021-02-25

On November 13, a three-person team led by team leader Feng Libin from Beijing CRAA Quality Certification Center Co., Ltd. conducted an annual supervision review on the products which passed the CRAA certification. Vice general managers Cai Wei, Wang Yusheng and related department leaders took part in this review.

The review team conducted a rigorous review of the Group's quality management system, product consistency, production resource management, technical documents management, process quality control and product quality inspection, and concluded that Group's quality assurance capabilities met the requirements of CRAA certification rules.

After strict and rigorous review by the expert group and the active cooperation of relevant departments, the Group finally passed the annual supervision and review of certification smoothly. At the same time, the review team fully recognized and spoke highly of the sustained and stable development of Yatai Group.


The Group will take this supervision and review as an opportunity to make up for the shortcomings of the work, further optimize the management system, and lay a solid foundation for the continuous improvement of quality assurance capabilities.


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