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YaTai Group the "big test", smooth pass!

Views:1688  Date:2019-06-09

     According to the real-time data obtained by the Marketing Department and the financial department, so far, the sales revenue of main business of asia-pacific group has been growing continuously, and the growth rate of total product contract signed in April and may reached the highest level in the same period. Order concentration and excessive production load are also great challenges that the group will face. In order to this "big test" pass a test smoothly, the production of the department of all active request, give up the Dragon Boat Festival holiday rest time, the top of the high temperature, braved the heat working overtime busy in their respective pos
    On June 7th, the day of Dragon Boat Festival, Yang yong, general manager of the group, and some senior executives went to the workshop to visit and comfort the front-line cadres and workers, and had a cordial talk with them. Yang always said: the group's sales performance across the board, the market situation is good, which benefits from the efforts of the vast number of business staff, thanks to the production of front-line cadres and workers hard work. The achievements are indeed gratifying, but we are also facing a severe production situation. We hope that we can make scientific planning and organic decomposition, and ensure that all orders and tasks are completed on time under the premise of safe production.
     Yang's speech boosted morale and lifted people's spirits. The workers all expressed that they would try their best to fulfill their duties and give a satisfactory answer to the group and customers. The trade union of the group also specially prepared delicious zongzi for you, so that you can feel the traditional festive atmosphere and the meticulous care of the group while you are busy.


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