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Hard core upgrade - Asia Paci

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                         On May 27, by dezhou yatai group for the administrative examination and approval service approval issued by the petrochemical engineering construction general contracting 3 qualification, this is the municipal engineering general contracting grade 3, electrical and mechanical engineering general contracting sequence of three level of general contracting qualification and professional mechanical and electrical installation construction contract level, decoration engineering contracting, fire protection engineering contracting, environmental protection designed package such as project specialized contracting grade b qualification, and an important qualification group.
                      New petrochemical general contracting level 3 qualification
                      Existing professional contracting qualifications
                 With the smooth implementation and continuous upgrading of the group's overall development strategy, Asia Pacific, while maintaining the steady growth of central air-conditioning products and other main businesses, continues to expand its market business scope in both directions and enrich its product and service coverage. After long-term market exploration and summary, the market space for further deepening cooperation with petrochemical enterprises on the basis of existing cooperation in composite materials, ventilation equipment and other fields is broad and the cooperation potential is huge. This addition of the general contractor qualification for petrochemical projects will undoubtedly increase the market competitiveness of asia-pacific in the field of project contracting, which is of great significance to enhance the comprehensive strength of the group.



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