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Product description
Product introduction
Based on the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, the air conditioning unit is independently developed and designed by Yatai Group Co., Ltd., which is suitable for special technological environment. Its features include compact structure, reliable performance and easy operation and maintenance. This kind of unit is mainly used in places with high temperature and humidity requirements such as program-controlled communication, data exchange room, various computer centers, precision control center, various laboratories and so on.
Air supply and return types
Each unit has a variety of air supply and return modes, suitable for different application requirements.
Floor air supply type: The mode is “air supply from the lower side, air return from the upper side ".
The main purpose is to send the treated air to the mobile floor of the machine room to cool down all kinds of electrical equipment from bottom to top.
Exhaust cap air supply type: this mode is "air supply from the front and air return from the front ", and there is no need to install air duct and air supply outlet. It is easy to install the air conditioner in anywhere of the room.
Air duct air supply type: It is to send the treated air to air conditioning areas through air supply and return pipelines. Generally, the mode of "air supply from the upper side, air return from the back" is adopted. All units are equipped with flanges.
Key characteristics
★ Choose compressors and refrigeration accessories with internationally famous brand 
★ RS485AK RJ45 communication interface is reserved for centralized monitoring
★ It adopts modular steel separated structure, which is easy to use, strong and durable.
★Perfect protection measures

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